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The company "ADLES" designed to identify, solve and eliminate problems associated with your hardware. 

You can be assured of their security, both technically and legally solving your problems. 

Our advice would be for you an indispensable guide in the world of countless offerings of modern technology. And your equipment, thanks to us, last longer and more productive.

The work of our company is based solely on an understanding of the importance of your work and carries a considerate and timely approach to any of the current situation.


  We are always ready to cooperate with you, because you deserve the best !!!!

Products And Services
Onyx 5.0 (Autoclave B class)
In stock 
advantages CYCLES FOR ALL NEEDS The flexibility needed to streamline the process and efficiency. Onyx B offers a wide range of cycles, each of which is studied. ENERGY Onyx B has low power consumption and unmatched flow capacity / load. SYSTEM PID PID means a Proportional - Integral Derivative and...
Group: Medical Autoclaves
Clesta II
Custom order, 90 days 
tel. 373 (69) 252052 E - mail: adles - srl@adles. md Website: adles. md Website: adles. all. biz Dental unit Clesta II from the Japanese manufacturer "Takara Belmont Corp. " for long - term practice in production has reached almost the peak of perfection in the technological equipment and is a...
Group: Dental units
Dental chair Belmont CLESTA II CLAIR
In stock 
tel. 373 (69) 252052  E - mail: adles - srl@adles. md  Website: adles. md Website: adles. all. biz   Dental chair Belmont CLESTA II CLAIR Sofisticat, performant, flexibil si durabil. Unit dentar Belmonct Clesta II CLAIR, cu micromotor pe inductie magnetica MCX LED de la Bien Air pe...
Group: Dental chairs
Dental Chair Belmont CP-ONE PLUS
In stock 
goal. 373 (69) 252052  E - mail: adles - srl@adles. md  Site - site: adles. md Site - site: adles. all. biz   Belmont Dental Unit CP - ONE PLUS Designed so that combines all requests desires dentists from the area of care therapy to comfort details. Environment ideal for dental...
Group: Dental chairs
Clesta III
In stock 
Unique offer! ! ! ! Pay a half of the sum now, and a half by agreement! ! ! ! The excellent offer for the worthy buyer! ! ! ! ! !
Group: Dental chairs
Autoclave "MK 2340"
Not available 
email: Site: Site: Distinctive features: Automatic shutdown at the end of the sterilization and drying process. The sterilization chamber door and made of high strength stainless steel. Special lock with double protection, providing complete sealing of...
Group: Medical Autoclaves
Micro-Smart - semi-dry vacuum pump type, 1-2 dental units 035 050
In stock 
tel.    373 (69) 252052 Email: Website: Website: Micro -Smart in one embodiment, can be operated in two versions. He is able to provide one of the dental unit aspiration, but the expansion of dental clinics, equipping its second plant, Micro-Smart will...
Group: Surgical aspirators
Autoclave "3850 E"
In stock 
tel.    373 (69) 252052 Email: Website: Website: Specifications: Horizontal loading;automatic table;digital display;4 preinstalled programs: 3 - for sterilization, 1 - drying;Microprocessor control of temperature and pressure;printer for documenting...
Group: Medical Autoclaves
Tuttnauer Autoclave "Elara 9i" with the printer
In stock 
tel.    373 (69) 252052 Email: Website: Website:   Built-in water quality testing Avtodovodchikom door with double locking safety mechanism The ability to download data cycle of a USB memory device Advanced control system, color display The...
Group: Medical Autoclaves
Aspiration device "Aspi-Jet 7" (art. 010 020)
In stock 
tel.    373 (69) 252052 Email: Website: Website: Distinctive features: Mobile surgical aspiration system type into three hose with built-in pump, separator and automatic drain system. Automatic pump drains the fluid from the canister for 2 seconds....
Group: Surgical aspirators
Aspiration device "Tecno-Jet"
In stock 
tel.    373 (69) 252052 E - mail:  Website: Website: Electric vacuum pump. Designed for connection to the dental unit with a built-in separator. It is designed to connect from 1 to 3 units. power consumption 0.75 kW, 2000 l / min., Max. water...
Group: Aeration device
Compressor installation dental 2 AC200 c desiccant (Art. 013230)
In stock 
tel. 373 (69) 252052 Email: Website: Website:   Due Teflon coating of cylinders and pistons of the compressor operating life of at least 10 000 hours. Since absorption type desiccant.   Specifications: Receiver volume: 30 l. Engine: single-phase...
Group: Dental compressors


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