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X-ray apparatus "Phot-X II DC 303-WK"
  • X-ray apparatus "Phot-X II DC 303-WK"

X-ray apparatus "Phot-X II DC 303-WK"

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Brand:Takara Belmont
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Distinctive features:

High-frequency X-ray unit with touch controls.

A tube with a constant heating current.
Microprocessor control.
Programmable parameters shooting.
Compatible with Radiovisiography.
Options: wall mount.
High-frequency technology can significantly reduce the radiation dose by optimizing the radiation levels for each diagnostic test.



X-ray Tube type: Toshiba D-0711

head weight: 4 kg
The set line voltage: 220 Hz, 230 or 240; 50/60 Hz
The nominal peak voltage of the X-ray tube and the X-ray tube current rating: 60/70 kV, 4.7 mA
Nominal line current: 6.6 mA (220/230/240)
focal spot size: 0.7 x 0.7 mm
Exposure time: 0.01 ~ 3.2 Maseko
Permanent minimum filtration in the useful beam at 70 kVp: equivalent to the 2.0 mm Al
The distance from the radiation source to the skin: normal and rectangular cone - 203 mm long cone - 305 mm
Duty Cycle: 1:50 (with an exposure of 0.5 seconds, interval between exposures min 25 sec.). More than half the absorption layer of 1.5 mm Al. Anode material - tungsten


Brand:Takara Belmont
Information is up-to-date: 13.10.2020
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